Thursday, September 5, 2013

Follow up

I've been in Kyoto the last week, doing some legwork for a possible return to Japan in November to build another boat: this one a river boat in Kameoka, northwest of Kyoto.  I visited there today to look at one surviving wooden river boat and view the venue, an art gallery in the center of the city.

Tonight I thought to take a look at YouTube and see what might be there about the Festivale.  Lo and behold my friend Shinya Tominaga, who came down from Tokyo to attend the launching, uploaded video of our launch.  Its a very nice clip (I like the way he ends it) showing us rowing back to the crowd and throwing gifts to them, a traditional called mochimaki.  The soundtrack is provided by the Bengali musicians who attended.  Please check it out at this link:

And thanks for reading this blog!


Douglas Brooks