Sunday, July 19, 2020

New Book On Building the Cormorant Fishing Boat

I've posted to my Instagram page a link for a free digital download of my latest book, which chronicles my 2017 project building a traditional cormorant fishing boat in Gifu, Japan. Along with others I documented the work of Mr. Seichi Nasu, who was eighty-five at the time we worked together. The publisher is Tobunken, a division of the Japanese Ministry of Culture.

You can copy and paste the link shown there into your browser and in a minute or so the manuscript will download. Its in Japanese but you can enjoy the photos and drawings.

I blogged about this project back in the Spring of 2017 so you can go back and look at the construction of the boat in more detail. One fun thing that happened was posting a video of Nasu san nailing, which went mildly viral at my Instagram. You can see it for yourself here.

I am currently working with my publisher in Connecticut on an English version of the book. I will definitely announce it on social media once its published, hopefully before the end of the year.