Sunday, May 28, 2017

Mino, Opening Day

Mino is famous for washi, traditional Japanese paper and with our half-day Saturday holiday we visited the Washi Art Gallery where they display contest winners from a yearly competition of paper art. This post shows how the winning pieces are displayed at night along one of the historic streets.

Our teacher, Nasu san, made this paper-making box for the gallery, and he's made several for paper makers locally. The rectangular tub holds water while the paper is made over the frame.
Non sequitur: We found this old Honda covered in a thick layer of dust in a downtown parking garage. I'm pretty tall but this thing makes me look like a giant. The four flat tires do make it look smaller.
 Marc is a fly fishermen and he keeps spotting fly shops. It turns out today was opening day of fishing season and the river was packed. In the shop we asked about the amazing long rods we see fishermen using.
 The shopkeeper got out a seventeen foot road that telescopes out from a case about 18" long.

Bamboo conical fishing hat with fish motif, available with a waterproof cover.
When we arrived she was making a 1 meter by 9 meter fishing net.

Out on the river.
In the tackle shop they had rods up to 28-feet long.

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