Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Anderson Japanese Garden -- The Tenmasen

This year the Anderson Japanese Garden in Rockford, IL launched a boat I built for them the previous year.  The garden director promised me a portrait of the boat in the water (since I only had photos of her in my shop under construction, a project I blogged about here.  John Braud took the photo and won an honorable mention in the Garden's photo contest, well worth a look here.

The boat is modeled off the tenmasen canal cargo boat I built with my Tokyo teacher in 2002.  The Garden designer had restrictions on length so the blunt bow allowed me to maintain a bit more volume in the boat.  The bow is clad in copper, already gaining a brown patina.

I am scheduled to give a presentation on my work in Japan at the Garden on June 16, 2016, part of their Third Thursdays lecture series.