Sunday, December 20, 2015

Wrapping Up Trapping Boats

The last week before Christmas break was our last week working as a class on our trapping boats at Hannaford Career Center.   Students will be busy over break writing papers about this project, which includes CAD drawings of our two boats (which I will share in the new year).

The Bessette boat getting final trimming.

The Mulliss replica waiting for thwarts and decks....

... and the original, which provided us all the information we needed.

Three students putting the final touches on the Mulliss boat.

Bessette boat done, except for painting.

Until one student noticed the edges of the rub rails needed rounding.

The Mulliss boat with thwarts and decks installed.

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  1. Bessette boats are my favorite. They are so elegant and touching! Thank you for this informative blog post. I always like to read your texts because of you share my biggest passion!