Saturday, December 12, 2015

Hannaford Career Center Trapping Boats

The larger of our two trapping boats finally coming off the moulds.  This is the biggest trapping boat I have built with students, though we need to do more research on its use.  It may be this boat was used primarily for lake fishing.  Yet its double-ended shape is similar to most of the trappings boats we have found.

Building this boat took a bit longer because of the cross-planked bottom.  Our other boat has a plywood bottom, the first of its kind we have seen in a trapping boat.

One of the students taking a class selfie with their boat.

Our other boat off its moulds.

Rub rails being installed.

The stem cut off flush at the sheer.

The Bessette boat replica.

The Mulliss boat replica.


  1. There are a lot of carpenters that are very talented.

  2. So many people took part in the work on this project, which suggests that only such a well-coordinated team can create such things.


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