Sunday, August 25, 2013

Light of Day

We are in the final week of work before launching.  Now its all about tiny details all over the boat.  One of the main details is covering our nail heads with copper plate.  I got the rubrail and caprail on the last couple of days and today we put plate over those nail heads.  We will probably get all the nails at the chine done tomorrow.  

I decided to move the boat out of the shop and onto horses in front.  In part because we borrowed a ro (a sculling oar) and I needed space to see how it fit.  Its basically too short and of funny proportions (its OLD).

We enlisted the art students from Nihon Art University.  They are here polishing several cars to a mirror finish.  We had three bars under the boat and they ganged up on either end and had no trouble carrying the boat.  One photo shows their professor and a student.

Just before we wrapped up an elderly man stopped by whom we have seen regularly.  He asked who was going to scull the boat at the launching and he was quite surprised that I am on the only one among us who knows how to do it.  Then he idly mentioned that he used to scull his boats, and that he still had a ro.  I pressed him and found out he has three of them, so we’ve made arrangements tomorrow to go to his house and check them out.  He seems very amused that we might borrow one.

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  1. So sad I missed it.
    Good luck for the last stretch.
    I have to go to Sunport this afternoon, so I may just stop by again. :-)


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