Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Off to Kyoto

We walked up the hill in the park behind our house last night.  Lo and behold the mountains were visible, only the third time in a the month we were here that we saw them.

Catherine loved this old temple in our neighborhood.

Bamboo bent from the last winter's snows.

Two weekends we drove almost 90 minutes to get to Kanazawa.  This morning it took us thirteen minutes on the bullet train.  Kanazawa Station, where we caught our bus to Kyoto.

Film crews were out covering the removal of the rope that protects the trees from snow.  I guess its officially spring.

The modern wooden gate in front of Kanazawa Station.  Frankly not nearly as impressive as the timber framing I saw at the restored Kanazawa Castle.

Five days in Kyoto then its off to Kobe to start the second boat.  Stay tuned.

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