Thursday, February 18, 2016

Himming NPO

We are in Himi, Toyama Prefecture now, where I will be building a small boat for Himming, an NPO.  Over the years they have had several boats built for their programs, and two years ago I blogged here about an event they invited me too.  In that posting I mention an interesting little rice field boat on display at the local museum.  Well, two years later I am back building a replica of that very boat.  I'll be here a month and look forward to spending time in what is a gorgeous corner of rural Japan.

But Himming has moved into a gorgeous new home since I was last here (though their last home was an old soy sauce warehouse, very cozy and interesting).  The new Totoza Center is a community center and museum.  In this post I will share some images of the building and what's going on.

The stage and building frame where I will be working.

Totoza seen from across the harbor.

Inside are various exhibits.  The most famous fish in this region is buri, or yellowtail tuna.

These hand-painted flags are the type flown be fishermen from their boat on special events to wish for a good catch.

One of the boats Himming had built by their local boatbuilder, Bansho san.

One of Bansho san's smaller boats.

The Center has an open museum with lots of artifacts people can touch.

Himming has hands-on activities of all sorts, and sponsors art events (and boatbuilding).

The information desk is completely furnished with antique tansu.

Bansho san told me a professional carver did this stylized wave for the stern of one of his boats.  Normally he carves a simple geometric shape here.

On an old beach windlass I saw something I'd never seen before: a triangular through tenon.

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