Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hanging Planks

Time to finally get the planks on the boat.

First I planed by hand the two side planks, removing all the marks left by the power planer.  

Murakami san didn't do this but its nice to see a smooth, finished surface.  The plugs show a bit of tear out because the grain runs the across.  With a sharp plane, however, its not too bad.

I then bent the planks around the boat, starting at the bow the way Murakami san does, propping things in place.

The hood ends wanted to rise so I had to hold them down with a prop.  Note also the steel dog, or staple clamp.  Japanese boatbuilders have dozens of these and I am just now beginning to use and like them.

At the stern I just use some pipe clamps.  

Once the plank was hung I realized I needed to get a better fit at the bow and stern, and one section amidships, so I began running a saw through the seams.

I decided at the bow I just had to take the planks off and do some planing at the bottom/stem connection.  Here's a look at the saw marks left where the plank fits to the stem.

And amidships.

Then I got to planing at the base of the stem.  This is always a tricky transition, especially in Japanese boats where the planks are one wide panel.

Planks bent back on a second time.  Much faster since the props are all cut to length, the wedges ready, etc.

Next is nailing.

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