Monday, April 11, 2016

Mt. Maya

Another day off and with the sun out and brisk temperatures we decided to take a cable car and tram to the top of Mount Maya and hike back down.  We were both surprised how high the suburban neighborhoods reached up the foothills.  At the edge of the housing was the cable car station that carried us halfway up the mountain.
Then it was time for the "ropeway" or gondola to take us to the summit.

Like the pair of cable cars, the two gondolas are connected, so one descending helps lift the other.

The view from the gondola give one an idea of the diversity of a natural forest.

View from the top looking towards Osaka.  

Kobe has massive landfill projects just offshore.  Kobe airport is on the narrow landfill visible furthest out.

It took us two hours to hike down from the top of the mountain (690 meters high).  The trail was real wilderness, with lots of evidence of wild boar activity.

A view of Kobe from about halfway down.  We could see our apartment building.

Looking west we could make out the bridge to Awaji Island, and in the distance Shikoko, one of Japan's main islands.

We reentered civilization via a gate that warned us to close it in order to keep boars out of the city.

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